Wheelchairs For Dogs Back Legs

When your dog’s health and mobility begins to decline, it can be devastating. There are many reasons for a reduction in your pet’s mobility, including age, injuries and accidents. The following information will teach you everything you need to know about doggie wheelchairs and how they can help your pet regain some of his mobility.

boxer with his hind legs in a wheel cartWhen you pet’s mobility begin to decline, he will no longer be able to move around like he once could. This can wreak havoc on your nerves and your pet’s nerves. Sometimes the decreased mobility can be caused by a backache; other times, it can be more severe. No matter the reason of your dog’s reduced mobility, there is a solution to help your pet get moving once again- a dog wheelchair. These wheelchairs are specially designed to increase a dog’s mobility and allow them time to recuperate from an injury.

The most common ones are rear wheel carts. These carts support the dog’s rear legs. Rear wheel carts come in a variety of styles and sizes. They attach to your pet using either a sling or a harness. If the wheelchair uses a sling, you will not need to lift your dog into it.

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mobility carts for small pups

The placement of the back wheels on the wheel chair helps determine the center of gravity for your pet. The wheels are generally placed in three locations- either in front of the hips, in line with the hips or behind the hips. The location of the wheels helps increase the pets stability and allows them to act like a normal dog. The firmness of the wheels helps relieve pressure off of your pet’s front legs. As the wheels move forward, the pressure on the front legs is diminished. This is because the location of the wheels changes the center of gravity.

If your dog’s injury occurs on the pet’s front legs, the wheels are moved forward to support the dog’s chest and back. The wheels on this wheelchair transfer the center of balance and allows the pup to carry on an active life. Finally, if your pet loses all of its legs, there is a four wheeled chair so it can continue enjoying its life. Each of these types of wheelchairs is often used to help rehabilitate a paralyzed dog.

big wheelchairs for sheppardsMobility carts come in a variety of sizes and types. A light weight handicap chair is perfect for petite dogs. Larger canines will need ones that are larger and have bigger wheels. The wheels are the most fragile part of a doggie wheelchair and require maintenance. Over time, the wheels may even need to be replaced. You can find replacement parts by visiting the manufacture’s website.

When it comes to canine disability aids, you should choose one that is manufactured properly. A poor quality handicapped equipment can further damage your dog. Therefore, choose a high-quality disability product to protect your pet. There are many choices when it comes to pet wheelchairs. You can find them online and in pet stores. If you require a specialized or custom pet model for instance for pups with hip dysplasia, you can visit a manufacturer’s website or your local veterinarian. If your pet has mobility issues, a proper wheel chair can help them regain their independence.

Different Kinds of Dog Wheelchairs

Detachable Saddle – It is great because you can put this on your dog so that he isn’t able to get up.  It also works as a sling, which helps with lifting him up into his cart.

Booties – Frequently disabled dogs drag their feet.  A cart that has an option of booties or another way for preventing their feet from dragging can be very helpful.  Without that feature, some dogs can end up rubbing their feet raw.  That can be especially bad if a dog doesn’t have any feeling in his feet or has poor circulation. 

Wheels – An angled or wider wheelbase is much more stable and therefore it is a lot less likely that it will tip over.  Narrow tires work fine on walks on the sidewalk.  However, if your dog will be on playgrounds or going off-road onto nature trails, you are going to need a tire that’s good for whatever terrain he is likely to be on.  Some adjustable carts and custom carts have different tires for you to choose from based on what your specific needs are.

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